Accounting Videos

Here you will find various videos on accounting subjects. These videos range from beginner to advanced. Accounting can be very easy if you have the right tools to learn. These videos will breakdown the complexity of accounting into easy to learn videos. When I started in accounting I came from retail and had no experience.

I started in data entry and worked my way up from there. I was just starting my college education in accounting. I was lucky to get the best of both worlds as far as training. I learned the theory of debit and credit which is where this video series begins. Debit and credit theory is very important to learn. Every transaction you do will have a debit and credit because they must balance. We will then get into assets and liabilities. Next will be how liabilities are paid off and how credit works.

You will also learn why accounting is very important in business and why it is called “The language of business”. Numbers talk in business, everything else comes second. You will also learn why cashflow matters in business and why you should keep your expenses down. If you remember the line in Wall Street “Money never sleeps, pal”. I also have a discussion on Sole Proprietors, LLC, and Corporations and the difference between the three. We will also explore careers in accounting such as the CPA and the Bookkeeper. Never limit yourself to one field, be a specialized bean counter, you make more that way.

If there is something you want to learn in accounting or if you have questions, please visit the contact us page and drop me a line. This is a big field and there is lots to learn. So buckle up and start crunching the numbers. Enjoy the class.

Purchasing on cash and credit
Paying back Creditors
The Balance Sheet
Accounts Receivables
The Income Statement