About Me

Hi! My name is Jason and I am the creator of Accounting Pit. When I went to school, I knew I wanted to do accounting. I enrolled in accounting at Stevens-Henager College and started my courses. I went through 4 years of college and came out with more questions than answers. When I was hired to do data entry, I felt like I went to college for this? Entering numbers on an Excel document was fun and all, but a bit redundant day in and day out.

I eventually was promoted and moved up into accounts receivable where I could really see numbers work. I saw the way a business collected money and how cashflow was so important. I had learned all of this theory in school, but now I’m seeing it put to the test. After a few years I had a territory I was responsible for collecting myself. I supervised four collectors in that role.

After that business shut down in 2015, I started working for an IT firm doing more financial reporting and management. I eventually became the finance director where I currently work. I also graduated with an MBA from Independence University in 2016.

I created this course because I feel schools are not teaching you for success in accounting. There is a lot of theory going around, but no ledgers to back it up. In this course I teach you how accounting works and how it looks in a business. When you go to work you should always be prepared to do it. Your position should fear you not the other way around. I thank you for visiting this site and I hope you learn something new in each video. Please let me know if there are any subjects you would like to see, feel free to use the contact us tab.

Jason Green, MBA